Cannibal features the steepest drop in the United States. The roller coaster opened this year on July 2 at Lagoon in Farmington, Utah. The roller coaster took more than 5 years to plan out and about 2 years to finish building.

Cannibal broke a record for the tallest beyond-vertical drop in the world, at an angle of 116 degrees and a height of 208 feet. The coaster is the tallest and longest ride in the state of Utah.

Something interesting I noticed about this roller coaster is an elevator lift used for the beginning of the ride to reach the top of the beyond-vertical drop. A couple other cool features of the ride are a tunnel that goes 20 feet underground and an Immelmann turn inversion.

Name: Cannibal
Theme Park: Lagoon
Location: Farmington, Utah
Opening Date: July 2, 2015
Type: Steel Coaster
Length: 2,735 ft
Height: 208 ft
Top Speed: 70 mph
Inversions: 3
Max Vertical Angle: 116 degrees
G-Force: 4.2